We’ve set a goal to be an employer of choice. What are some things we can do?
There are so many changes going on at the moment in our business. The world is moving so fast. We need to innovate – the new buzz word. We don’t know how.
Some of the emails that our staff send to our customers are not very well written. In fact, some are embarrassing. We would like to improve their writing skills to improve the customer experience.
I’m creating a new team, and I need to fast track the forming, storming, norming and performing. We need to get to high performing really quickly. We’ve got some hairy audacious goals to achieve.
We understand that to get better results we need to put the customer at the centre of everything we do. How do we get there from where we are now? Fast?
Management or Leadership. Have we thrown the baby out with the bathwater? (as the saying goes) We seem to be focussing on leadership at the expense of management. We need to handle the AND.
In my new role, I need to write reports. I don’t really know how to do this effectively. There are some templates on our intranet, but I want to ‘wow’ with my presentations.
Our organisation has a lot of great technical specialists and we would like to promote from within. How do we help them be successful as a team leader or manager?
Our organisation has a lot of great technical specialists and we would like to promote from within. How do we help them be successful as a team leader or manager?
We’ve got a couple of big projects on the go at the moment. Team members are based around the country. How can we work together more efficiently. We need to minimise our travel and expense costs.
We are meeting our targets. I would like my team to exceed our targets…I want to lead a high performing team. Yes, I know everyone says that. I don’t want to be good. I want the team to be great.
We are putting together a project team mainly with secondments from the business. They need a fast track course in stakeholder management, and influencing skills.
Our new team leaders are still doing work. They need to learn to trust their team and delegate more.
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I recently spent the day on the road visiting some of our stores, everyone was really welcoming, and I got a feeling that some of our approaches are very dated.
There’s a lot of ‘busyness’. People are working hard. Are we working on the right priorities? It appears that we are reactionary at times, and not on the front foot.
A key trait of a good leader is to engage people by telling stories, and I would like to learn how to do this?
Our organisation has a reward and recognition program, however, it doesn’t seem to be getting the results we want.
Our operational areas are doing the best they can with the systems they have to work with. However, we seem to miss deadlines on a regular basis. Near enough is good enough.I think we should be more professional. Would a Lean approach help us? Or is it a management issue?
Are you on the right bus? I wonder about some of the team. Are they a round peg in a square hole? How do we give our people the best chance to be successful in their roles?
We’ve recently reviewed some of our customer complaints; and in many cases it appears that our processes are not very customer friendly. We could definitely improve.
Here’s the thing. How do we align everyone in the organisation to focus on delivering our vision.
I recently attended a day of presentations delivered by some of our leadership team. They were very information heavy, and not very inspiring. I think we could do a lot better to engage the staff in our vision for the future.
We have some really great staff; and I don’t think we are tapping into their knowledge and experience to improve the customer experience. How can we empower them to make changes to improve the customer experience?
Our call centre and operational areas seem to have a high attrition rate. I think above normal which is not good for staff morale or customer experience. I’d like some ideas about what to do?
I’ve recently been appointed to lead a new team and I don’t think they are working well together. In fact, I’d almost go so far to say as they are dysfunctional. What can I do to develop team cohesiveness?
Meetings. How engaging are they? Do we run good meetings? Are we focussed on the right agenda items? I’m not convinced. I think we could improve which would benefit staff engagement and many other areas. We should conduct meetings that get results.
We are currently undergoing a large transformation project to upgrade our IT systems? How can we help our people during this transition? We want the transition to be smooth and impact our customers in a positive way.
Our organisation has a process whereby all leaders should have a personal development plan in place for their team. However, I’m not sure the process is working very well. I think the forms are being filled in because it a required process. It’s meant to be a meaningful experience for our staff.