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Prevue Assessment measures a number of personal attributes of job candidates. First it provides a measure of a job candidate's abilities described in terms of:

  1. Working with Numbers (Numerical Reasoning)
  2. Working with Words (Language Skills)
  3. Working with Shapes (Spatial Reasoning)

An additional scale is developed from the combination of this data to provide a measure of the candidate's general ability.

Second, the Prevue Assessment provides an assessment of a candidate's areas of interest described in terms of their interest in:

  1. Working with Data
  2. Working with People
  3. Working with Things

The third and most significant area examined by the Prevue Assessment is an individual's personality traits. The personality assessment is based upon recognised personality scales for occupational assessment instruments.

These are the major scales of Independence, Conscientiousness, Extraversion and Stability, (ICES). Each of these major scales is constructed from two sub-scales or minor scales, details of which are contained in the Prevue Assessment Technical Manual.

The fourth area measured by the Prevue Assessment has to do with the internal validity of the candidate's responses to the questions in the assessment. A scale denoted as Social Desirability can provide a measure of the degree to which the test taker has modified responses to please or impress those who will be reading the resulting report.

In addition, abnormal response patterns to the questions in the assessment will invalidate a candidate's results. The validation of the Prevue Assessment is supported by a study of 5000 employed persons from Great Britain, the United States of America, Asia and Canada.

Research psychologists have also conducted numerous constructive, content, current and predictive studies to confirm the validity and reliability of the Prevue Assessment. The results of all of these studies are reported in the Prevue Assessment Technical Manual.


Prevue enables 5 valuable reports to be generated within minutes of test end. This is why it is often referred to as a Human Resource Management tool rather than a psychometric measure.

Reports include:

Selection Report – measuring fit for role and generating sample interview questions where issues appear to arise.

Working Characteristics Report – providing additional information about fit for organisational culture and the individual’s preferences in the workplace

Individual Report – Provides an explanation of the individuals results – used for feedback

Personal Development Report – Examines gaps between the benchmark and the individuals profile – and suggest personal development actions.

Succession Planning Report - Helps to identify to which roles the individual might be well suited or lists in order of fit candidates for a single role.

For more information on the using the Prevue Assessment to in your recruitment, staff development and succession planning

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Prevue Applicant Tracking System

Prevue APS provides an Applicant Tracking System that takes all the hard work off your hands. To make everything work seamlessly, a system that exactly fits your needs. That way, you are free to do the most important task of hiring the best people who can help propel your business to the top.

Overview of the Prevue Applicant Tracking System

Customised Career Page for your Company Website

On top of tracking applicants effortlessly, we’ll help you promote your business online. We’ll create a Customised branded career website just for you that is easy to integrate into your existing corporate website. Applicants now have an easy to use interface to upload their application and resume’. The system is very flexible, allowing you specify the type of information that you want to collect.

Improved Social Media presence

Prevue APS takes advantage of the popularity of different social media platforms such as Linkedin, Twitter and to bring your job ads to more people. Statistics show that more than 73% of people in the 18 to 34 age bracket, who coincidentally comprise a large majority of the work force, landed a job through referrals from social media channels.  Our goal is to get you immediate results online, whether you have an existing social media presence or not.

Attracting and Screening with Prevue's APS

Effectively Rating Screening Questions

Prevue APS improves on the usual hiring tests by assigning different weights for each screening questions. Pinpointing qualified applicants is as simple as looking at the weighted scores, giving your hiring managers instant feedback on the quality of the talent pool. They can even combine the results with our pre-employment testing for a more detailed assessment.

Give Instant Feedback to Applicants

Your Customised Prevue APS features an auto-response system that comes pre-loaded with easy to Customise emails. This instant feedback system allows you to contact future employees in just a few mouse clicks. No more confusing system, only the best experience for you and the applicants.

Very easy to keep in touch with Everyone

Easily keep track of what everyone is up to during the hiring process with the Workflow features of Prevue APS. Assigning applicants to any manager or HR personnel is just a click of the button away. On top of that, it is now very easy to share applicants within the whole organization while keeping a tight control of what information to share and what to keep confidential.

More Organised Workplace

Why put the fate of your organisation’s hiring process in an Excel spread-sheet or the inbox of your email when you can access everything easily? Prevue APS dashboard gives you everything you need through user friendly interface. You can now search, view, edit, or update your applicant’s information, status, screening questions scores, pre-employment testing scores, and other data. With ATS, you don’t have to waste a lot of time because all information is now at your fingertips.

Job Fit Tests for your Shortlisted Applicants

 More Time Efficient

Prevue APS provides you with everything you need in an easy to use package.  Everything is configured for you and delivered via the system ready to use so you no longer have to spend countless hours attending seminars, poring over confusing manuals, or studying a system piece by piece. The only thing that you need to do is to log on to the Prevue APS and start posting job ads and interacting with the applicants.

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Job Description Builder

Have A Complete Job Description In Minutes

Creating a job description with JDB is a simple, logical procedure. With JDB, your job descriptions come pre-populated with validated content—all you need to do is review, edit where appropriate to the precise nature of the job, and save. And once you’ve saved your description, you can begin administering Pre-Employment Testing right away.

How to create a Job Description in under 30 minutes

Cloud based

Internal collaboration and job description reviews are so much easier with JDB. In a fast-moving, dispersed workplace, getting the necessary approval and feedback from colleagues can be a real challenge to the recruitment process. With JDB you and your colleagues can Start, Edit, and Manage your saved, customised job descriptions from anywhere. All of your saved and in-progress job descriptions are stored securely in the cloud, giving quick access, no matter where you are.

Designed for busy HR Professionals and Managers

JDB Prevue is robust and comprehensive enough to meet the demands of professional HR Administrators, yet intuitive enough to support Manager and Small Business Owners through creating job descriptions from scratch. Each step is broken down into simple instructions. Each step comes with tips and recommendations drawn from Prevue's 15+ years of recruiting experience. Whether you're managing & updating existing job descriptions, or creating new ones, the Prevue JDB keeps everything you need organised and in easy access.

Thousands Of Hours of Analysis

Our ever-growing database of job categories and descriptions is subject to continuing critical analysis and review by industry professionals from both public and private sectors. The result is a thorough and standardised set of job descriptions that embodies the experience and wisdom of Human Resources practitioners world-wide. The Prevue JDB can be used to form your job descriptions, if you're just starting to build them, or can be used to organise and audit your existing job descriptions.

Download Your Job Description or Edit Online

Once your job description is created and saved, you can download it to either Word or PDF format for further editing and distribution to staff. Or if you prefer, work in the cloud to edit and finalise your job descriptions.

Integrated into Prevue Hiring System

Each job description you create in JDB is linked to a Prevue Benchmark and Pre-Employment Test. You can use your newly created job description to post a job opening and then test job candidates against the Benchmark provided. This gives you the deepest insight into each candidate and allows you to make informed hiring decisions. Learn more about Prevue's Hiring System.

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