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ncora Learning has carefully selected the top trainers and facilitators that specialise in particular methodologies, industries and areas of expertise. With a wide range of specialists in our network, you can be assured to be matched with the best person to deliver the learning programs desired outcomes. Our team of trainers and facilitators specialise in industries such as Sales, Manufacturing, Finance, Construction, Corporate Services, Transport, Retail and many more.

We have provided you with a sample of some of our trainers and facilitators, this is not a complete list. When we work with you to understand your needs we will provide selected profiles of the people who we think will work the best to deliver on your desired outcomes through their areas of expertise, industry experience and style.

Our Trainers and Facilitators are…

  • Professional
  • Experts in their field
  • Accredited
  • Flexible
  • Engaging
  • Creative

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Savvas Facilitator


Savvas has over 20 years experience in business strategy, coaching, sales and people development programs. His extensive experience in Sales has helped many companies develop sustainable sales systems and durable productive sales teams resulting in both short and long-term increase in business. His broader business experience with small-medium size businesses as well as business units for larger companies enables him to identify practical solutions and assist CEO’s and Senior Management through the process of growth and change

  • Sales Training
  • Sales Process
  • Leadership & Management Development
Margo Facilitator


Margo is a highly regarded facilitator and designer with an excellent reputation for developing trust and rapport in the working environment. Her extensive experience in program design, implementation and presentation in organisations of all sizes, predominantly in Australia's top 200 companies. Margo has established herself as an effective and professional facilitator of change and development in the workplace. Margo balances her natural energy and enthusiasm with a well developed method of reflection and human warmth. On a one-on-one basis, Margo quickly and easily establishes rapport and respect with clients. Her facilitation style is collaborative, interactive, open and honest.

Lynne Facilitator


Lynne is a published author and has been a trainer for 28 years. Her expertise covers all areas of Business Writing Skills, including Executive Papers, Board Papers, Bids & Tenders, Customer Focussed Letters and eMails and Internal Business Cases. Lynne is an energetic presenter who involves humour and with her personable nature, enhances learning. Using only participant examples as training materials in her workshops, Lynne can ensure relevancy, applicability and provides feedback that is stretching and compassionate

Catriona Facilitator


Catriona is a registered psychologist with over 20 years of professional experience in the Human Resources/Learning and Development field. A career spanning clinical, retail and corporate financial industries, primarily involves successfully linking a people management focus to business objectives, maximising employee performance. Her areas of expertise and interest include Leadership and Management, Interpersonal and Communication Skills, Coaching Individuals and developing managers as coaches. Catriona is accredited in Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Hermmann Brain Dominance Indicator (HBDI), Team Management Systems (TMS) and Emotional Capitalist Inventory (ECI)

Monique Facilitator


Employed in the Customer Service industry for over 24 years, Monique has spent the last 17 years in Learning & Development and for the past 12 years has consulted specifically in the area of Customer Service. Monique is widely recognised for her passion and expertise in Customer Service and her high levels of both Client and participant satisfaction. Monique has designed and facilitated a wide variety of programs including Customer Service, Customer Service Leadership, Internal Customer Service, Handling Customer Complaints, Dealing with Difficult Customers, and DiSC Profiling workshops. Monique has worked with thousands of Customer Service Professionals including Senior Management, Leadership Teams and the Frontline with the aim of assisting organisations to increase employee performance and engagement, customer satisfaction levels and customer focus.

Aileen Facilitator


Aileen believes real changes occur when people are given the opportunity to recognise and celebrate their strengths - and are then allowed to implement practical changes based on this knowledge. Aileen’s focus is always on translating theory into practical applications, ensuring that participants are able to implement their discoveries immediately – both in the workplace, and in their personal lives. She believes in the limitless talent, capability and intelligence that lie within all people, and that change begins with the individual. To assist individuals to gain the most for themselves and their team, she focuses on using experiential and accelerated learning techniques that allow participants to experience and discover what is important for them. On an individual level, Aileen encourages her participants to take responsibility for their own actions, choices and successes: on a personal level this can be life-changing; on an organisational level, this has resounding positive implications.

Suzanne Facilitator


Suzanne is an Organisational Psychologist with over 20 years’ experience in learning and development both internationally and within Australia. She is a specialist in emotional intelligence, personal resilience, conflict and human behaviour. Suzanne works across all organisational levels, from managing directors to front line staff. Her goal for any session is that participants leave with new perspectives toward their work and life, and new or enhanced behavioural skills.

Agapi Facilitator


Agapi Markogiannakis is an engaging and vibrant facilitator, with over 20 years experience in the corporate sector, facilitating and designing training and development programs. In both her senior operational leadership and facilitation roles, Agapi consulted for internal clients and managed the redevelopment of a Leadership and Management suite of programs, ranging from front line supervisory skills to residential management programs for senior managers. .

Colin Facilitator


Over the last 10 years,Colin has worked as a contract professional in the field of Business Education (adult learning) and Professional Development, primarily as a Facilitator and also as an Executive Coach and Mentor. Colin’s professional development practice has been focused in the area of developing Human Potential; by utilising “Value Centred” Leadership and Communication and Strengths based psychology to impact Values, Attitude and Behaviour change in response to the changing workplace, life style and generational needs

  • Strategy
  • Mentoring
  • Leadership Development
  • Values, Attitude and Behavioural based Change
Bev Facilitator and Speaker


Master Networker Bev Brough has over 20 years experience in networking, teaching, training and coaching and speaking. She assists individuals and businesses to develop a totally integrated approach to networking: one which achieves business results through making connections. Her approach is practical, interactive and outcome -oriented with strategies that ensure participants achieve their business development goals. A highly innovative, inspiring and results-oriented professional, Bev gives companies and individuals practical tools and processes to create unlimited business opportunities. Bev is a professional speaker, coach, trainer and author with special skills in mastering the art of networking in a variety of industries including financial planning, accounting, recruitment, property and direct marketing

  • Networking
  • Business Development
  • Keynote Speaker
Rob Facilitator


Rob has been designing and developing training and team interventions for more than 25 years. Rob joined a global Learning & Development team as Asia Leader in 2000. Whilst in this role, she was heavily involved in building teams and coaching managers to work cross culturally with particular focus on Asia. This is one aspect of her work where Rob has truly distinguished herself by effecting both real and lasting change. Rob’s passion is helping businesses to grow by cultivating better-informed and sustainable relationships between managers and their staff. This can be very challenging when it brings current practices into question but it can also be incredibly rewarding when just one senior manager experiences an ‘aha’ moment.

Matt Facilitator


Mathew’s passion and purpose is to create environments where people can transform and learn. Much of this is built on experiential learning and a philosophy of asking questions rather than supplying answers. After five years in project management with Lend Lease and Kone Lifts he moved into education in 1992 and this has been his passion ever since. He has combined 14 years in Steiner Education with a transition into adult leadership and team development since 2000. Matthew is a skilled and experienced facilitator, coach and educator. He has been focussed entirely on Leadership, Team Development, Coaching and Profiling for the past eight years. Tahoma

  • Leadership and Management Development
  • Change Management
  • Teamwork and Team Building
Maria Facilitator


Maria utilises her skills to bring people together to unite and discover their potential. She has an ability to create simplicity and ease out of the complex. Maria works with her clients to achieve measurable outcomes that are sustainable and result in successful outcomes for all involved; the individual, the team and the organisation. Maria collaborates in one on one and group settings to unlock barriers and desires in order to firmly plan, track and evaluate progress leading to enhanced productivity and performance. Her enthusiastic, original and high-spirited nature is infectious. This approach encourages people to take action in order to challenge the status quo and push boundaries into new spaces. Maria has over 15 years in the field of People Development, working with various teams, at different levels within organisations in industries such as Manufacturing, Retail, Energy, and Government.

  • Communities through Engagement
  • Connectivity through Leadership
  • Compassion through Coaching and Change
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