Art of a Ten Year Plan

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Art of a Ten Year Plan | Public Program | Ancora Learning

  • Have great relationships?
  • Increase your net worth?
  • Fast track your career?
  • Have more fun, adventure and leisure?
  • Expand your social network?
  • Improve your health, fitness and well being?

Find out more about

  • Taking time out to transform your life
  • How to plan one year at a time to a decade of success
  • How to design a life you love

The Program:

We overestimate what we can achieve in 1 year; and

We underestimate what we can achieve in 10 years

It is proven that there is little hope in get rich quick schemes and plans that leave us frustrated. ‘Art of a Ten Year Plan’ is an innovative platform giving you real guidance and a ten year plan for steady success that is real and rewarding. Ten years will pass for all of us. Where will you be ten years from now? Hopefully well into a pattern of success with ‘Art of a Ten Year Plan’.

It is my goal to provide you with innovative strategies for success to be achieved year by year for a decade of sustained success and more; increasing the quality of life for many.

So, take 2 days, join a group of like- minded people and take responsibility for creating your best life.

This is a practical, hands on workshop. By the end of the program you will have created your personal plan and taken action.

A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline. (Harvey Mackay.)

You’re invited to Dream and Plan with us. Register and put it in your diary now.

When: Saturday 23rd and Saturday 30th May 2015

Time: 9am to 4pm. Registration from 8.30am on Saturday.

Where: Yarraville Club, 135 Stephen Street, Yarraville, Victoria, 3013

Investment: $297-00.

Early bird Registration: $223.00 until 30 April 2015.


About the Presenter:

Joanna Clary - Ancora Learning Specialist ConsultantJoanna is an experienced Facilitator, Coach and Master NLP Practitioner. In February 2003, Joanna read a book called ‘The One Minute Millionaire’ and she set some personal financial goals. In 2013, exactly to the month, she realised that she had exceeded her plan. As a result she wondered what would have happened IF…..she had set goals for all areas of her life….she had dreamed bigger! As Joanna now embarks on her next 10 years, she is looking to share her successes and failures and create a community of people who can learn from her experiences and create their best life. And so she created this course.

Her vision is that ‘Art of a Ten Year Plan’ will be the leading and preferred blog and program leading others to slow steady success to be maintained and sustained for a life time; creating the lifestyle you have always wanted with a plan of success dating back to history.

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