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How to build a Dynamic Team for your Business using
Psychometric Assessments

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The way we think, communicate, prefer to work and interact with others is as unique as our personalities. It goes deeper than simply a left vs. right brain dominance. There’s our communication style, our personality style, our thinking style, and our behavioural style – and that’s just the start of it.

At Ancora Learning we’ve used a number of the psychometric assessment tools to become better managers, leaders, team members and communicators to overcome challenges, become more effective in our roles and grow our business  – and now we can teach you how to use it too.

What can these profiling tools do for you?

Ancora Learning offers a wide range of psychometric tools for coaching, team development, communication and recruitment that will suit your business no matter how large or small.

They will help you to:

  1. Save Money: the cost of replacing employees after the wrong hire results in a loss in productivity, and new employee hire and training costs. Save money by hiring right the first time.
  2. Improve Productivity: understanding your preferences will help with communication, decision-making and problem solving, which will help improve productivity.
  3. Improve Your Business: apply it to team cohesion, career development, conflict resolution, sales and marketing, organisational learning, strategy development, and creativity – it’s your complete approach to building and maintaining energised teams.


We’re offering every listener who does a personal assesssment a debrief and coaching session (90 minutes) at 50% off the normal costplus a free 1-hour training-needs analysis.

This means not only will we assess you, but we’ll also show you how to apply the results to your own business.

And for one lucky person we will be having a draw from all enquiries to receive their assessment and coaching session completely free of charge.

Simply fill in your details below to find out more and we’ll contact you shortly!

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