International Womens Day Workshop 2013

Women in Rotary | International Women's Day 2013 |  Sponsor - Ancora Learning

As a guest of a Rotarian friend in 2012, I really enjoyed the inaugural Women In Rotary Breakfast function for International Women’s Day.  A mammoth turnout of over 700 guests (and not all women!)  was an incredible result for their first year.

We were thrilled this year to be approached to be a sponsor of the event in 2013.  Ancora Learning was proud to join other esteemed sponsors, by supplying a full day workshop that would be raffled off on each table.  With over 1,000 guests attending the breakfast it was an exciting morning and there was a fantastic energy in the air.

Along with a number of our clients, we enjoyed the Q&A style panel discussing “Is it all in the genes?”

Our MC was the charming Leila Gurruwiwi (Media Commentator) and the Bev O’Connor (ABC Journalist) the Moderator.  The esteemed panel of Virginia Trioli (ABC Journalist & Presenter), Stephen Mayne (Activist & Melbourne City Councillor), Graeme Wise (Chair of Adidem Group), Dr Feelgood (Radio Host) and Peter Hollingworth (Governor General 2001-03) and Fabian Dattner (Entrepreneur & Commentator) discussed gender diversity in the workplace, are men and women programmed differently and does our biology actually determine our success in managing our demands on the job?

The morning was over too quickly with everyone committing to attend again next year.

In May all the winners of the table raffle were invited to attend a program we designed based on the groups feedback.  Asking what were the top challenges you are currently facing in your role and what provide you with the most value right now, we developed a program with a range short, sharp and practical tools and models on way to work with the ever constant change we face within our roles currently.

  • Leader or Manager – The Great Debate
  • Creating a Compelling Vision
  • Communicating with Influence
  • Leading Change
  • Personal Resilience in the Face of Change
  • Coaching for Performance 
International Women's Day Workshop 2013 | Ancora Learning

What does your perfect Leader look like if you draw them only with pictures and symbols – no words

What does your perfect Leader look like if you draw them only with pictures and symbols - no words

Participants learning about Whole Brain Thinking with HBDI profile

It can be an interesting experience and dynamic when you have only women represented.  With no one knowing each other prior to the day and with a diverse range of industries, roles and experience present it made for rich and even intimate conversations within the group.

Thank you to all the women that participated in the day, made it fun and contributed much to each other.  We look forward to more in 2014.

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